Monday, December 31, 2012

Back Off

I just dunno am not matured enough or you just being childish even you are more 'KAKAK' than me? Pelik. You keep saying everyone are childish but you didnt realize that your mentality are not open to your surrounding. Are you matured enough for being so KAKAK that way? You wrong sis, btw you are not my sister but when we counting from the age, you are soo TUA than me but your mentality just like BUDAK SEKOLAH.


notatumit : just like you already did. HAHA. Loser!


Hola !

Lagi one and half hours to entering 2013 peeps!

Firstly, I'll say alhamdulillah for being thru 2012 nicely. Nothing to regret for the whole 2012. Instead, what already happen are going to make us more matured, isnt it? Just follow the flow, so that you can easily in love with it.

Tak payah la nak sebok post pasal azam tahun baru, just keep it yourself. No need nak post kat facebook bagai, then end of the year, tak menjadi, maluu je. Hehehe. Just to remind me self dear :) Plus no need nak cakap 2012 bawak kesedihan la, sadness la, boleh tak redhoo je? Is like you are regreting what Allah has planned to you.

Start 2013 off with an empty jar and fill it with notes of good things that happen. On New Year Eve, empthy it and see what awesome stuff happened that year !

notatumit : This new year habiskan masa masa terakhir as student di Muadzam Highlandss !

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I miss everything about the beach from the sands between my toes to the mighty sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks; it is there where I found my serenity.

I miss the sun raise to the sun fall at the beach, where its true colors have this wonderfully glow right at the point of when the sun touches the water.

I miss the smell of the salted water when the wind blows, I miss the way the sun feels when it caress my face, it has this magical warmth.

notatumit : In love love love love !

Saturday, December 29, 2012

HR Family Day


7th Dec 2012
Boleh tak malas nak storymory pasal ni? Nak letak some pics je. Later if rajin, sambung storymory. Can eh, eh, eh? :) Dahla memasing crew2 menyibok je. Kihkih.

Uniten's FYP !

Hola !

Alolo pity my blog, bersawangan.. 1 post je for December, alahai almost nak meet new year. Sooo pemalash kann. Not like too pemalash but I'm too busy, since this my finale sem, banyak benda nak kena settle. Dari benda kecik sampai la besarrr. Stress kemain !

Ok ok focus on topic ya Ain !

For who are not fimiliar with FYP is Final Year Project ! Normal say as thesis for degree. Thesis yang start dari last sem membawak ke sem ni. Lame gileeerr babs nak kena pikul. Adoihhh. Banyak benda kena korban ; masa, stress, tidur etc. But FINALLY....

On 26th Dec 2012, my thesis are FULLY ACCEPTED ! Alhamdulillah..

Padahal night before presentation, macam nak demam pon ade. Perasan bercampur baur. Dengan chair-person yang sangat killer plus fofular with her 5W's. (What, Why, When, Who, How). STRESS der. Tak cukup dengan tu, selesema pulakkk. Alahai cobaan betol. But it's okay because finally semua tu berbaloi baloi oi :)

Thanks for accepting my fyp Madam Rusnitaaa. Muah !

Prepare well ye adik2 !

Si tudung merah tu, supervisor ye. Madam Huda. Nampak sebaye ye :)
notatumit : Counting days to leaving degree life ;'(

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Lonely .

Its just come whenever I looking at your weds picture. Your face was so happy, like I used to see back years ago. Damn I miss how we are back days.

Not all relationships will last forever and a good way to continue...

Dear Abi,

" You were my siren you drew me in, you taught me to love and you taught me to sin, I never thought you could break my heart, but I guess we were wrong right from the start "

notatumit : Selamat Pengantin Baru, I guess it's time me to move on.

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