Friday, September 16, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore : The Zone Regency Hotel, JB


After planing, planing and planing, so here we go. Kitorang keep searching dalam if ade pakej yang best. Then get one number, call then confirm, pay then sampailah USS :)

Sampai JB terus ke hotel, meet Albert, bual2 then check in, mandi2 golek2, jalan2 mall then waiting for tomorrow :)

Boleh tak malas nak menulis, so here pics and caption :-D

Ni dari bilik, boleh nampak Spore already :)
Semangatkan budak ni, hishh !

Me and roommate dalam toilet, HAHA.  

Semangat nak pose :)

notatumit : next later ok [ ni contact, good service & package : Albert Chia 016-7217011 here, ]

Degree ?

Uni just release students results, yeah im lil' bit proud of my self bcoz i can give more in this and feel lil' bit down bcoz it was not my target. Thanks Allah thanks thanks !

Fyi, uni life not easy and it was full of pressure and challenge ! tak kisahla foudi ke, diploma ke, degree ke or master ke, why dulu cikgu cakap campus life going easy uh ? It really hard, cikgu. Thanks for giving perangsang yang gooood .  Im not wrote this just from my life, it goes same with others ; bad result, dismiss, money go away, stress. Damn it, simpang malaikat 44.

I dunno how come someone will say, 'It a life, dear', the reality NOT ! Nowadays life is like hell, baby.. No more sweetest and no more easiest thing u will get just by click your finger.

The hardest parts is u will disappointing your parent, by giving bad result, by giving the termination letter, by giving problems. Its hard to not giving problem to our parent. I dunno why problem keep stick with us all the time, like no one business. Sighh.

I dunno why im write this tonight, it just i feel so alone kot.

notatumit ; mak, doakan ain. .
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