Sunday, October 26, 2014



Got something to share but since my blog not really be known so I guess this post is just for my expression towards something.

Its quite annoying when am jobless and start to Fbwalking or Instawalking like 24/7. It make me just hate when someone sharing their thought or personal stories. Stories means alots, same thing, same story, same behavior.

Do I became so 'old' for this thang? Like I don't like when someone sharing about their family issue, husband-wife thang, complaints-about-everything-like-you-the-only-one-who-got-problem, etc. Wake up man, people get bored, and when they bored, they start to hates. Yeah I know, haters gonna to hate but why don't you just concern about your surrounding before you share something?

Get a life dude.

One more, when comes to a relationship/love stories. But before that, I really not jealous about your love story. Cubalah bayangkan in 8month, you be in two different relationship and you so proud of it. Like on January until April you are so happy with A, gambar-peluk-bahagia-sakan, tup tup on June you with B. Status : Oh bahagia bersama si dia, imamku. With gambar with new guy, same posing, peluk-bahagia-sakan. Then your friends start comment, ' Eh you with new guy ke? ' and you be so proud answer ' Aah, dah takde jodoh dengan yang lama. '


Are you proud of that, don't you think what people will think about you? Like eh fomfuan ni, senangnya tukar pasangan, even truly kau dengan ex dah lama putus before you start with new relay. Yeah, people dont know your situation and they(we) aren't in your shoe but simpan-simpanlah sikit story. People tend to judge when they know your story. Even sebesar zarah pon kau share, people boleh making story.

You don't have to be perfect, macam orang cakap, 'simpan simpanlah sikit bodoh tu'. I don't say you bodoh but clearly its not good. Like kutuk-kutuk orang, hari-hari, itu benda tak baik der. Lainlah kau buat post pasal kau menderma hari-hari (itu pun orang annoy, nanti orang cakap menunjuk). Your post describe your personalities/behavior babe.

Aku tak cakap aku perfect, aku tak buat dosa but aku simpan sikit untuk diri sendiri so that aku boleh malu dengan diri sendiri. Bukan tunjuk satu dunia yang aku buat dosa. Am not judge, am just shared what I've been read everyday.

Why don't you keep some story by your own. Like tulis dalam diary ke. Yes, so lame but it works babe. The more exclusive story, the more people want to hear/like. 

notatumit : My2cent

Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Monday, October 6, 2014



Harini dah masuk hari ke 19. Plus raya haji pulak. Plus aku demam. Plus selesema. Plus headache. 

Aku homesick.

Aritu tetiba kat tv keluar Siti tengah nyanyi lagu Nazam Lebaran. Sayu. Dahla sorangsorang kat rumah. Semalam keluar pegi mall dengan Along tetiba kat radio keluar takbir raya. Laju je tangan dua2 off radio.

Sebak gila.

Dah start rindu membawak ke demam.

" Home is not a home when Mak not around "

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haji 1435H


Alhamdulillah, mak and abah dah selamat terbang ke Mekkah untuk menunaikan rukun Islam yang terakhir pada Sept 17, 2014.

And today hari ke 3, rumah dah start sunyi sayu since esok Along pun dah start keje. 47days more.

Talk later. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

#Tips : Move On after Break Up


My role as side chick END. After almost 1 year, wonderful moment. May he live happily with his family. I'm recovery-ing, still on going. We're end this 'connection' calmly, both side (read : me and him) agree. I think its the right time to do that since I'm no longer in KL. Allah Maha Besar, He knows to arrange everything. Alhamdulillah.

May my heart and my self strong enough to move on!

So, as for my self too, here's the tips to MOVE ON AFTER BREAK UP


You are strong! Your life should not be ruined just because someone has decided to leave you. It’s his/her lost, not yours. Set your mind for this matter and you won’t be that hurt. You can face the break up once you have set your mind to say that you are a tough person and this breaking up thing is not a big deal for you. It becomes the right step for trying to move on.

Yeah, my phase now. Keep telling my self that I'm strong, I can do it. It's not last. It's okay. LOL 


Imagine about how much sacrifice you have done to save your relationship with your loved one but eventually, thick wall hits you like a bam! It is understandable that you are hurt. But, it does not mean that you need to end up like that. Yes, bad things happen for sure. Even for the most romantic and harmonious couple, at last, the relationship needs to be over. You just need to face the reality for it.

I faced with reality before I make decision to leave him. So, it's done!


Distraction is always the greatest therapy for any feeling either good or bad. In this case, you are going to use the distraction to shift your attention aside from the broken heart feeling. Do your job, focus on it. Or you can also do something you like (i.e. your hobby). It will make it easier for you to move on.

Can't do this fer now. Since I'm not working, but I'm glad that I far away, so that I wouldn't go back to him. Cheers!


Yep, you can start by throwing away some stuff but please do not comprehend it as a justification to throw and breaking things that you have. Instead, you need to throw the stuffs you got from your ex boyfriend and girlfriend. This is really important. How can you move on if the things from your ex lover are still lingering around you? It’s pointless. If you want to put an end to your misery, get rid of those things. At the same time, say to yourself that you are also done with those stuffs (and your leftover feelings for your ex lover).

Not yet. Not yet.


Another effective method for this moving on tips is to seek for the new one. Perhaps, it might sound cheap but it is not! What is meant here is not always about to seek for a new lover. You can simply start by befriending with the other people first. Open yourself to the others. Get closer to them. And if you can really find someone BETTER than your ex, do not hesitate to take the chance!

Not yet.

notatumit : That's all for now. YEAH I CANT DO THE 4TH & 5TH. NOT YET.

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