Thursday, November 2, 2017

Stranger's Proposal


I did mention bout this before, maybe not the whole story but maybe a glimpse. Exactly one year ago, this one guy ask me to married him. Yeah be his fucking wife. And being myself I laughs out loud because that's the most ridiculous things happen to me on 2016.

I dunno him, we rarely talk, normal chats on Whatsapp for few weeks and finally I decided to meet him. My 1st impressions was nope, he's not the one. Not bcos his appreance, nor his whatever conditions but bcos my heart say no. You know like when we 1st met a person and it feels like blerghh, the conversations, the feels. But being a nice Ain and polite, I said we should be friend first, give us some time.

That was before he ask me married him.

And after like one week, he's start to give me the idea that he will marry me, like he ask for permission to meet my parent, ask bout the dowry etc. I mean he's like 100% sure that am goin to marry him. My only concern at that time, this guy think that am desperate to get married and I will agree to married him. Fyi, am plussize and not so prettayy plus am broke plus am at late 20s.

I admit that my wrong action at that point was, I still go out with him after I said no to his proposal. I got no choice tho, he suddenly came to my house and ask me to go dinner with him, and I cant ask him to go back bcos his house like 100km from mine.

And this keep repeating until end of December when am about to have my short vacay with Balqis. He insists to send me to Melaka and KLIA and I said yes. Thats the climax, he tried to control my life when am nobody to him. He want to be sure that am not going with other guy. Wtf, who are you man? And the annoying part is when I was at Langkawi he keep calling and want to check wherever am at, whatever am doing.

I know maybe for some people he's sounds so concern, caring or whatever fuckin words that suit but weeks before I fly to Langkawi, I already mention that I might not available to pick up ur calls or reply ur chats, and he gets angry right away. Wtf.

And when I reach KLIA around 9pm, he already on his way to Melaka as am will transit to Melaka before goin back to my place. And my plan was I stay at Balqis's for a night before back to Johor and he definitely ruins everything. And after that incident, I rarely pick up his call, reply his text and etc.

One thing that I cant really compromise was he came to my house to meet my parents when am not at the house. And when am back, I asked him to leave and dont call me ever again. Thats the end, I never meet him after that.


Nope, am not trauma but this is just a pitstop. Funny one.


Sunday, October 29, 2017



Once dah log in blogger, haruslah tinggalkan sehelai dua post. Kang lepas 6bulan pulak post baru. Bila entah nak retired dari blogger ni ntah. Instagram pon dah buat InstaStory tapi Iols totaaappp menulis macam jaman tok kaduk.

Like whoooo cares!

Attached pic tu #throwback masa pi Sabah last two month. Tetibe Iols rindu pulak.


Bossy me.


Wow almost end of 2017 and here I am not moving out from blogger tho. I'm oldschool, outdated liddat. Aaaaaannnndd I know am the only one who read my post, but who cares. All this writings for older me, when am no longer can't remember anything/anyone - dementia maybe.

Bossy. I am bossy.

Am bossy about everything, in every situation but I'm very cooperative. And the bossy me hates when people not being cooperative. I dunno what phase I am but definitely being annoyed by everyone around me. Being matured Ain, I choose family over everything, when I said everything, its really fuckin everything.

If anyone really needs my opinion then they need to be followed my 'opinion'. And if you think you aren't  gives shit about my opinion then stop askin my fuckin opinion bitch. This 'opinion' not free, the fees is to followed.

I definitely will step up from anything you don't want me to be participate.

My job is done by your action.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Almost half year

108/365 : 2017


Wow, be away for almost 7month. I miss writing, I miss update whatever situations am at or things I do. Tapi pemalasss and no-time-lah. Let me list down first things I've been doing this past half year.

1. Short get away/new year eve with SB
2. Anonymous propose & funniest move on
3. Divorcee
4. Repeated feelings

That's all for now.


Friday, September 2, 2016




1 year exactly, and now my feeling were the same feeling I felt when I'm at my previous job, in the same situation. I feel like I'm out, my soul was no longer here. Is it what they called job-hopper-syndrome? I hate it!

I hate the feeling that I feel stucked inside my own space.

I can't do this, I can't afford to be jobless again right now.

God, please make me stronger. I beg.

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