Saturday, February 6, 2016

Heavy topics ever !


I know its February but still HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

Updates updates updatea! Being busy queen bee all the way from Nov to Jan, yelah dah back to working life katenyer haruslah busy. Stress tetap ada but in different perspective I guess. Still here in Kluang, home sweet mommy home. Haha. Lower cost but heavy commitment. Like hello I'm 26yo, for sure all the burden were more heavier.

Okay back to my topic for today, MARRIAGE.

Yeah, Ain still single, not married, no rings on her hand but I got brain tho. I take all the good thing and leave all bad things behind lah. Yup I'm not in your shoes but its your own choice not mine. Okay tu baru intro. Back in last 3 month, I being friend with a 39yo woman whos getting married (back on Nov) to foreigner guy. I helped here with all documentation for his bf, which is now her husband. Everythinnggg, visa, married form etc.

She's seems so blurred about everything, every aspects. So my-so-called kind hearted tolong la dia. At least I got the idea about getting married even not with other foreigners. Nope, I'm not racist but still semua kerja documentation sangat sangat menyusahkan. Plus she tells me that she lost around 10K MYR for all this, flight tickets, petrol gas, go here and there untuk settle kan documentation so that her husband can come to Malaysia and they can be married.

Yeah her 10K, not his. Are you guys get what I'm trying hardly to explained here? This marriage is not only one side effort, its partnership tho. You broke in your country and now you want to be married with a woman who pays for everything. Damn. Did I mention earlier about this woman age? Her husband is only 25yo this year, budak budak lagi woii.

Hence, ape ape pun, its her decision. I got no right at all in this. Unfortunately, last two days, she came back and ask me a favor to write another letter for her beloved hubby so that he can get multiple entry here in Malaysia. Nope I'm not complaining but still benda mudah but that fuller (guy) menyusahkan semua pihak.

Plus sempat lagi akak tu cite about she transferred some amount money to her hubby. Mampusss. Dalam hati jer mampu ku menjerit. Ya Allah, lepas kawen pun still tanggung lagi. Wah wah wah besar kepale lah kau!! Sakitnye hati aku.

Like I said earlier, marriage is all about commitments. Everything, money, time, energy. But bila kau menyusahkan your partner, I guessed you're not suppose to get married yet. When we talk about build a life together, it mean two sided. Prepared yourself, asked yourself if you suppose to get married, do you affordable to support your wife/husband, or even do you affordable to support your own maintenance in term of whatever you need instead you asked money?

Right, jangan berkira but when its cost up until 10K not berkira is called bodoh. You're not prepared at all.

After all, I wish her happy thru all this problematic phase. Plus good luck for my future married life tho. Hope I'm prepared enough.

Don't get married if you're unable to take care of your own self - Ain, 2016.

Hasta manyana!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Heart to heart


Pagi tadi sebelum gerak pegi keje, sempat morning talk dengan mak. Pasal kahwin. Selalunya kalau bab ni, conversation ni akan bertukar jadi benda kelakar sebab nobody take it serious tapi ntah ape silapnya topic jadi serious bila aku cakap

"Mak tu yang tak terima jodoh ain, macamane nak kawen."

Tak sempat habis ayat terus mak cakap,

"Mak ni nak ko kawen dengan orang yang boleh ajar ko ngaji, ajak sembahyang same same, ade kerja bagus bagus dannn boleh jage ko macam mak abah jage ko. Mak sayang sebab tu mak memilih."

Terus airmata laju mengalir tanpa sedu, tanpa kelip.

Terus angkat beg, amek kunci, gerak gerak gerak khassss.

Tu je.

Hasta manyana!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bad Day


Been a while, back to busy bee queen. Start workin back, temporary maybe. Nice place, nice people, nice environment and the biggest bonus is nice bosses. Not to say that my previous boss is not nice, but maybe I'm the one who not hardcore enough to worked with him. But after all, I is bersyukur dengan ape yang diberi. Alhamdulillah.

Bad day-but not really the worst bad day. But still tertumpah airmate duyung mak. I've been thru the worst bad day ever before, so this small things/problem doesn't touch me too much. Everytime am facing small difficulties, I'll throwback my past so that I know if I can go thru the hard time, why not this time.

I'm not that kind person who compare their life to others, to say that they got the bigger probs, they the only person in this world who facing difficulties yada yada. Like hellooo, bukak sikit mata besarbesar boleh, lain orang lain problem. Lain orang lain penyelesaian. Kononkonon nak bagitau the whole world kau lah satusatunya manusia paling though facing all kind of probs. Bullshit man!

See dah melalut lalut.

Cry is the best cure for any situation thou. Happy moment, sad, confused etc, cry can make you calm even the problem haven't solve yet - Ain, 2015.

May I be the stronger person my self ever met! Aminn.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Opposite sex - best friends.


Few days ago mase duk ralit scroll down FB news feed, terjumpa one screenshot conversation between bestfriends, opposite sex-bestfriend. Ape yang buat aku tertarik is the caption "inilah jadinya bila bestfriend kau seorang lelaki..". As you guys can see the attached pic here, that girl nak meluahkan problem dia to her bestfriend which is a guy. Nampak cute kan?But in reality, for my case, its totally different.

I do have few guy bestfriend. Biase lah fomfuan kasor plus bbw macam iols ni, stock buat bestfriend je der. HAHA. Yang stock stock comeylotey, keayuan tu semua stock buat awek kan. Yes I is faham. But I do glad that I have them as my bestfriend, we can talk dirty without feel ashamed or guilty, we can rely when we have problem with our motorcycle, part ni untuk aku je la, we can share something loveydovey yang sesuai untuk di share dengan girl yang bukan awek (tak sesuai share sesame lelaki, dikuatiri kedengaran gay-ish), etc.

People said that we can't be bestfriend with someone that opposite sex, because they said any relationship that included opposite sex members will lead to a romantic relationship. Yes it might be happen but surely not for me, I mean tengoklah aku macamane plus diorang ni over taste tinggi melangit so, there's no chance at all that we can fall in love with each other. LOL sangat. Plus am the type of person that hardly falls in love especially to someone that I know for a long time. Like hello aku kenal baik buruk atas bawah luar dalam, camno la den nak terfalling in love nye?

Plus for my case, they're all occupied, means they're not single. Kitorang rapat pon even before diorang ni in relationship. But still they can share anything including their relationship prob/stories etc. Macam borak kedai kopi gitu ah. Yang nak bagitau different ape yang jadi dengan attached pic with my case is diorang yang mengadu domba, meluah rasa. Pulaknya jenis yang meluahrasa bukan boleh main message/whatsapp tapi kena bercakap, kena call, kena dengar suara.

Frankly speaking, bestfriend (guy) pulak jenis emotional lebih, kang lambat angkat or bila kredit habis and tak call back kate kite ni taknak layan problem die, hadoii. Bace macam cute kan, tapi nak melayan tuuu, pusing kaplaa. Siap keluar ayat "dahla Ain, ko macam taknak reply je, sorry susahkan kau, yada yada". Mak is stress. Yela dulu zaman study kadangkadang busy kesini kesitu kan. Lambat reply mase emo conversation, dah cakap kite taknak layan. Kadangkadang pulak call pukul 2-3 pagi semate mate suruh dengar die main gitar, lagu dituju untuk awek tapu pakse aku dengar. Grrrr.

Tapi its ok, bila teringat balik rasa kelakar sangat, and I happy that I'm always there for them. Takdapat tolong settle problem tapi jadi telinga untuk dengar masalah pun ok what. As long as they're feel better, I'm a happy to help. Here's few tips for this kind of friendship :

1. Keep a logic distance.
- Janganlah duk mesej/call/berkepit 24/7. Kang bila orang cakap 'eh korang ni ehem ehem ke' kan dah awkward, plus awkward situation makes people separate tho. Plus nanti patner dia or patner kite pikir bukan bukan. Tak bagus.

2. Be reminded that we're not here for occupied their heart.
- Na-ah! Stick to friendship rules.

3. Stay away from awkward conversation.
- Ade kan benda benda awkward yang tak sesuai dikongsi and better keep it by our self. So dont share, refer to no.1, awkward situation makes people separate. Yelah kau dah termalu malu teruslah malu nak share benda lain kan.

Thats all. Panjang akak bebel.

Hasta manyana !

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bebel bebel


Selamat Hari Raya uols!

Dah raya ke-12 dah weh, hahaha tak kisahlah. Kate orang Joho kan, raya sebulan peh. So, my hari raya was fine, smooth and yang paling penting, less moody & less drama. Drama sikit sikit tu biasa ler, tak rayer ler kalau tak drama. Like previous hari raya (25th raya already), last day berbuka kat rumah nenek, rewang rewang kejap lepastu cabut balik rumah. Pagi raya baru datang balik, ni lah untungnya bila rumah dekat dekat. Family's theme this year is green, yeayyy my fav colour.

Skip cerita raya--

Banyak sebenarnya benda nak share tapi nak karang plus nak tapis untuk kesesuaian tontonan umum adalah sangat payah eh. Lemme start with BAD DECISI0N. Me my self with bad decision adalah macam saka, tak boleh dipisahkan and selalunya something yang kita tahu benda tu akan menyusahkan but still taking risk. Dah nama pun Ain kan, tak buat salahsilap tu memang tak sah. Tapi being this kind of person makes me more matured and have some experience to share with people around me.

Everyone have their own history, either the bad ones or the beautiful ones. Kita ni manusia biasa jer, memang selalu sangat buat benda bodoh tapi kena sedar diri, jangan lah ulang balik and become a better person after that. Tapi pulaknya ada segelintir manusia ni lupa, lupa yang dia pun pernah buat silap, lupa yang dia pun ada bad history, lupa yang diri dia tu manusia biasa jugak. Duk sibuk canang sini sinun pasal history orang, duduk cucuk sana sini. Hari raya ni cheq, baru semalamnya hang duk salam peluk nangis mintak maaf, harini hang duk mengata pasal orang tu. Doa yang terbaik sudahlah.

Jangan sampai satu hari nanti, ada orang singkap sejarah silam kelam hang tuu!

0k tutup cerita hat tu. Next! Still pasal bad decision. Pasal budak budak hingusan zaman sekarang ni. Duk sibuk bercinta sana sini sampai tolak mak bapak semata mata nak mempertahankan cinta monyet. Yang si boboy, SPM pun tak amek lagi, pegi sekolah pun malas tapi sibuk nak amik nak hantar anak dara orang. Yang si gegirl pulak, nak kata desperate, umur baru 18tahun, nak kata takde rupa, aku tengok boleh tahan jer tapi yang pilih bf tak abis spm plus malas pegi sekolah ngapelaa deknon oi. Bukak bukak la mata, cari lah yang habis sekolah, yang berkerja.

Bf dia tu dah lah tak amik spm lagi, pegi sekolah pun malas plus dah malas sekolah tu, pegi lah kerja, tidak jugak. Habis tu macamane bercinta tu? Bukan ke bercinta ni nak gi dating, nak belanja movie, karok, top up. Haihh setakat bf macamni kau sanggup gaduh dengan bapak kau terok terok, berbaloi ke? Jangan esok lusa bila kau dah reti  fikir, baru nak tergadah menyesal tiada gunaaaa.

No, aku bukan materialistik tapi aku realistik. 

Next! Bad big decision. Marriage is the most big decision you will ever make in your entire life. Bukan main main. Bukan harini kawen, esok clash, cari suami/isteri baru. Bukan harini gaduh, esok nak break sekejap. Nope. Marriage is all about commitment. Yes aku belum kawen but I have family and friends yang dah kawen. Plus aku jenis manusia yang reti nak observe plus kita pilih benda betul instead pilih benda salah. Untuk nasihat benda benda betul & benda positive, I dont have to be a married woman to giving +ve advises. Simple as that.

Plus before kawen tu, tak pikir masak masak ke? Ke sebab tengok semorang kawen, kau nak kawen. Benda ni bukan untuk orang lain, its for my own self jugak, esok lusa nak kawen pikir lapahpuluhribukali. Betul ke nak kawen, betul ke boleh hidup sesame sampai bongkok tiga, betul ke boleh commits towards each other even theres so many problem we will be facing in the future?

"Love doesn't just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new." - Ursula Le Guin

Dah penat bebel, nak bayar berapa nih?

Hasta manyana!

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