Thursday, June 19, 2014

#TIPS : Move On after Break Up


My role as side chick END. After 10th wonderful month. May he live happily with his wifey and son. I'm recovery-ing, still on going. We're end this 'connection' calmly, both side (read : me and him) agree. I think its the right time to do that since I'm no longer in KL. Allah Maha Besar, He knows to arrange everything. Alhamdulillah.

May my heart and my self strong enough to move on!

So, as for my self too, here's the tips to MOVE ON AFTER BREAK UP


You are strong! Your life should not be ruined just because someone has decided to leave you. It’s his/her lost, not yours. Set your mind for this matter and you won’t be that hurt. You can face the break up once you have set your mind to say that you are a tough person and this breaking up thing is not a big deal for you. It becomes the right step for trying to move on.

Yeah, my phase now. Keep telling my self that I'm strong, I can do it. It's not last. It's okay. LOL 


Imagine about how much sacrifice you have done to save your relationship with your loved one but eventually, thick wall hits you like a bam! It is understandable that you are hurt. But, it does not mean that you need to end up like that. Yes, bad things happen for sure. Even for the most romantic and harmonious couple, at last, the relationship needs to be over. You just need to face the reality for it.

I faced with reality before I make decision to leave him. So, it's done!


Distraction is always the greatest therapy for any feeling either good or bad. In this case, you are going to use the distraction to shift your attention aside from the broken heart feeling. Do your job, focus on it. Or you can also do something you like (i.e. your hobby). It will make it easier for you to move on.

Can't do this fer now. Since I'm not working, but I'm glad that I far away, so that I wouldn't go back to him. Cheers!


Yep, you can start by throwing away some stuff but please do not comprehend it as a justification to throw and breaking things that you have. Instead, you need to throw the stuffs you got from your ex boyfriend and girlfriend. This is really important. How can you move on if the things from your ex lover are still lingering around you? It’s pointless. If you want to put an end to your misery, get rid of those things. At the same time, say to yourself that you are also done with those stuffs (and your leftover feelings for your ex lover).

Not yet. Not yet.


Another effective method for this moving on tips is to seek for the new one. Perhaps, it might sound cheap but it is not! What is meant here is not always about to seek for a new lover. You can simply start by befriending with the other people first. Open yourself to the others. Get closer to them. And if you can really find someone BETTER than your ex, do not hesitate to take the chance!

Not yet.

notatumit : That's all for now. YEAH I CANT DO THE 4TH & 5TH. NOT YET.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Le room

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My room, my cave, place that I don't have to be hypocrite ��

 � ������������������

Friday, June 13, 2014


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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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LDR - Long Distance Relationship. 4 years. Giler kan. Sampai sekarang takleh nak figure out camne boleh work out selama tu. Gaduh nangis tak payah citer lah. Its blend to the air. Normal lah. Sakit tapi sedap. Busuk tapi senang. Jauh tapi rapat.

Pertengahan 2009 - Sorang Kluang,  sorang Puchong. Sorang sibuk dengan Stpm, sorang sibuk kerja plus hiking sampai ke Kilimanjaro. 1st year, dedua tengah panas lagi, panas rindu, panas perangai.

Pertengahan 2010 - Sorang Muadzam Shah Pahang, sorang Puchong lagi. Sorang sibuk dengan 1st year student life, sorang tengah sibuk berhenti kerja, cari kerja lain. Better offer. Gayut hehari like no one business. Still gaduh. Asam garam der, second phase dah add on ajinamoto.

Pertengahan 2011 - Sorang still still stuck kat Muadzam, sorang dah dapat offer kat Perlis. Nuu jauh ke utara. Makin jauh. The most longest period ever, 8 bulan tak jumpa beb. Meracau. Bergaduh macam dah kawen. Sorang kaki merajuk, sorang kaki-malas-layan. So si kaki merajuk, pujuk diri sendiri.

Pertengahan 2012 - Sorang finale year kat Muadzam, sorang lagi dapat offer PTD, so ber'induksi 6bulan kat Kluang. Dah katenya final year, haruslah jarang balik plus orang yang tengah induksi tu lurus sangat, mintak curicuri keluar pun takmau. Kalau keluar pun, kejapkejap tengok jam, takut kena penalti. Alahai.

Hujung 2012 - Sorang dapat offer intern kat Damansara, sorang lagi, settle induksi dapat offer balik kampung halaman, Melaka. Ni dah tahap hujung nafas, kira gaduh pun tak lut, tak terkesan. Memasing dah hilang rasa, hilang tawa. Lama sangat pun bikin boring.

March 2013 - The end. Dah takboleh terus dah. Gaduh tak, nangis tak, declare no longer together. Win win situation.

Pejam celik pejam celik kan. Kronologi yang simple sangat, tak serabut. Rindu tapi pendam, berhubung tapi tanpa komitmen.

May 2014 - After one year plus, sorang still Damansara,  sorang Putrajaya. Atlast at the same town, unfortunately, no longer together. Meet as stranger, eat like never know each other, updating each other life like never knew before.

Lebih senang ke arah no-commitment-relation. And macam dulu, duadua ada rahsia yang kena pendam untuk kepentingan diri.

Ini bukan jodoh, ini suratan.

Friday, May 23, 2014


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How ya doin? Am great. Melalui harihari yang boring. Giler tak boring. I never rest lepas habis study, continue with internship then terus kerja menggila.

Duduk saje takde buat apa is really killin me. Damn.

Plus bila takde buat apa, mula la emosi nak bergelora. Moody plus emotional. Merepek repek punya perangai. Normal ah. Unstable emotions.

Easy word : mengade ngade.

Sorry b. Its been more than two weeks. See ya shortly. Will be back to normal emotion. Maybe. Lalalala.

XOXO --  J . E

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Update 2014r0518

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After 1 year plus I'm officially jobless. Leaving the job was the hardest decision I ever made hence I never regret about the decision. 1 year plus is enough to make you love your company, your colleagues and within the time, its also enough to make decision whether to leave or to stay.

Insyallah, rezeki ada di mana mana.

Got 1 interview session this Wednesday at Cheras. Not hoping but if I get the job, it will be better. Since another 1 month plus going to Hari Raya plus my parent will go to Hajj, so I need job (read : money).

Atleast for my self to survive.


Be at home since last Thursday, counted : 4th day, already gaduh with my mom. Sharing same birthday date, zodiac is not good thing. Both of us so panas if stay to long together.

Since memang dah lama tak gaduh, so small things pun boleh jadi issue. And like always, no one will pujuk each other, pujuk diri sendiri lah. Its not something that I can proud of, but sometimes this situation can tahan until a month.


Oklah, later girls. Wish me luck for any job interview come forward.

Take care!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Decide. Decision. Deal.

Suppose to leaving.

Meet him in his car, the same car, same person, same parking lot. I couldn't say 'we're done ', after his words - "You have promised that we're going to stay in 2 years".

Cry. Yes me.

Everyone thinks that they are strong, but when you couldn't do anything, strong is just a words.

Hugs and say "Everything gonna be okay, baby". I dont need the words, I need that hugs. Keep it warm, as my heart everytime I'm with you. 

"Can we just think about us, without include others?"

I wish I can, I wish I'm selfish enough.

I'd never been wordless like tonight, he's the one who talk, touch, clean my tears. My first tears in front of him, "You will never cry for someone you not love, baby. I know you love me and you know I do the same".

Shit. I'm producing those tears again. 

Yes I do, but soon nor later, we should end this ---> this line suppose out from my mouth around 20 min ago.

Tonight so damn cold, enough to make me think that I'm alone in this hectic city. KL never been this cold.

Helpless, hopeless.

"It's not threat but to say I'm serious with this relationship".

END? Not yet. In my dream, maybe tonight, as those tears still going.

Only manage to do the 5th Don't. 

Friday, April 18, 2014


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Last post otw ke muadzam. Today, otw to Kluang.  Yeayyy si tanggang pulang ke pangkuan makpak. I was on leave from yesterday. Working life is so damn hard. Plus lately, macam2 jadi. So I need mom's hugs to re - energize my life.

Pagi2 dah stress, when you get into working life, humanity is not works anymore. They can call whenever they want. At night, subuh, weekend.  They will never being think about you personal life.

Dah name nya aku on leave, stop call me bagai nak gila semata mata nak tanya company reg form. I know you can easily found it when you starts searching. Sabor je lah!

End of that story. Tengah tunggu bus kat TBS, one of this Mak cik tegur. She's stranger but we have citchat like been knows each other for years. She really made my day. Being talk about family, her cucu's and suddenly. ..

"Awak dah kawen? Makcik ada anak lelaki. Duda. Nak kenal2 tak?"

Alahai. Tersipu sipu saye. Hahhaha. She really made my day. Lupa jap problema kat opis tu.

Ok lah got to go. Beradu sat. Sampai umah nak makan masakan mak. I hope got sambal sardin. Yummeyh.

See ya. Assalamualaikum

Saturday, April 5, 2014


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Quick post yer.

Am on my way to Muadzam Shah. Yeah, there again. Depart around 9 tadi, arrive dalam 2pm kot. Then straight g pasar then makan.

Macam biasa la if terasa sayu sayu baru lah ada mood nak menulis, ye dak. Busy weh, tak menyempat nak mengadap blog bagai.

(Eh pehal bus ni sejuk sangat, beku hidung wa)

Tadi duk instawalking, jumpa 1 gamba ni. Jap try boleh share sini tak.

Ok tu la.

As I mention before, my latest relay is unique case. I'm the one who choose to be in there. But seriously deep in my heart,  I want to be always be with u, B. Not sharing. No minimum hours. Be seen in public.  Introduce u to my family. Unfortunately,  we cant.

Our relay is not like what I had dream before.

I miss you, B.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wake Up, Ain!

Sometimes I'm lost, from realistic mind, from reality.

But I'm kinda love the fantasy, without been thinking about reality, who sucks, who hurts me so much. I love to live my own fantasy world, without hurting my self, am the hero, am the heroin, am the King who control the world, am the queen who control the King.

It's just in my mind, I live in the reality living who may hurts you everyday, without any control.

This two weeks is so damn challenging, my emotion, my health, my wealth. I just can't bare anymore. But one step am leaving this kinda situation, its getting better and makes me stay. I know its not a normal relay, and I never dream about being in this kind of relay. Uncontrolled, unexpected.

I never wanted this thing happen in my fantasy love story, but who the hell going to give you an option?

Yes, am a side-chick. So?

Did you there when am down? Did you hold my hand when am fall? Did you giving your arm when am crying? NOPE right?

So don't you ever think that your judgement will makes me feel guilty, dude. 

When you talk from a typical woman side, did you ever think what the hardest part for being side-chick? I know, you don't even care because its never happen to you. I never wanted to be seen like an angel, like a rainbow but PLEASE DON'T JUDGE. That's all.

" I'm with her, talk with you later"
----Later until 3 days? You'll never know. A side-chick don't need explanation, they just want you there. A side-chick don't care if you have another chicks, they only be jealous of your 1st lady. A side-chick not a clingy type, because she the one who sharing someone's. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reverse Psychology or Reverse Motivation?


Boring topic but still can related to my current life condition. Actually aku memang minat part part Psychology nih. Since Uni kot, if I'm not mistaken 3rd sem ada Psychology subject. Plus lecturer best and I got A kot. Bukan senang nak dapat A! That's why lah aku appreciate. HAHA.

Back to the topic, amende RP ni kan?

" Reverse psychology: a persuasion technique involving the false advocacy of a belief or behavior contrary to the belief or behavior which is actually being advocated. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional response in reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against. "

Maksudnya something yang takboleh do in direct way, kena pusingpusing. Selalunya Marketer selalu guna formula ni. Simple example ; Aku nak mintak mak aku RM 500 untuk beli baju, mak aku tak bagi, then aku cakaplah bagus baju tu, boleh nampak aku kurus & boleh tahan 8 tahun. Nampak macam nonsense tapi if mak aku percaya then RP aku berjaya lah kan :)

So, macamane connection between my life and this RP was, aku stress sangat kat office. Hari hari bangun pagi ada feel malas sangat, nak MC lah but my RP was breakfast. Yeah, sebab ada satu makcik tu jual breakfast yang sangat umphh! So I motivated my self by "Pergilah kerja, nanti boleh beli kuey tiaw and karipap Makcik tu".

It's WORK!

It's also a motivation. Percaya atau tidak, sekarang aku jarang makan malam. Bukan sebab nak diet (grrrr) but bila dah balik, malas nak masak, malas nak tapau, malas segalagalanya lah! So the motivation was same, " tahanlah perut, esok kita makan breakfast Makcik tu ye " :) 

Funny right, psychology sometimes we can predict but we can't control (AinKahar, 2014)

See ya later. XOXO

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