Friday, March 11, 2016

Short Gate-away


It's a day after my 26th birthday, 16:20, live from Bernama Library 11th floor. Happy birthday Ain, may God bless our life, ease everything. 

I left Kluang around 19:30 yesterday, reach TBS around 23:00. I was planning to try UBER but un/fortunately my aunt has waiting in lobby. Yup I'm on short gate-away for my 26th birthday, new environments, not really fresh air (haze coming around tho). I really need this, I really need someone or somewhat situation that can make me appreciate my current life. Its not like I'm not but I kept trying to leaving it for something new.

Yeah its a good plan, but for now, this situation, this economic-problem-things, I don't think this is the best decision I would make. I love my current job but for sure its not enough for me, I mean for my commitments. I'm not demanding but just need something better for me and my fam.

Back to short gate-away, I take 3.5days off. Kluang - Kl - Jb.

Full schedule with couples of friends getting married, sigh, I want to be there but..

May Allah ease everything for me.

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