Tuesday, April 26, 2011

hitung hari?

Last update on early april but now, already ends of april. SUNGGUH PEMALASAN !

Got a lot of story yang nak distorykan BUT (but tu mesti ade..) sungguh malas nak taip + create story.. STOP STOP STOP.. story already lari tajuk cik kak oi ! sorie beteh !

back to campus...

Hitung hari nak ke mana? OH GOSH ! Im going back to UNITEN.. ouchhh im still miss kluang terchintaaa ! baru dua malam kat HomeSweetHome. I have wasted a break for three week at Danish's house. Been tired be a SURIRUMAH ;( Playing with him, ajar mengaji (even aku mengaji pon terabur, atleast i toraiii ), membebel2 ;D

But now, Im counting day, hours and second to back to campus life.. huaa hate this feeling..

selamat tinggal bilik :'(

Gonna starting new sem, new hope, new lecturer, new subject and a METER ELECTRIC !Please pray for me to face the future better than ever before. Sem 2 tidak mengecewakan berbanding sem 1, hope im going to be someone who can give pride to both my parent and people around me. Aminn..

notatumit : miss there or miss here?


Syuhadah Razali said...

wah...cantik bilik ko..

Ain Kahar said...

haha, google la beb ;P

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