Friday, September 16, 2011

Degree ?

Uni just release students results, yeah im lil' bit proud of my self bcoz i can give more in this and feel lil' bit down bcoz it was not my target. Thanks Allah thanks thanks !

Fyi, uni life not easy and it was full of pressure and challenge ! tak kisahla foudi ke, diploma ke, degree ke or master ke, why dulu cikgu cakap campus life going easy uh ? It really hard, cikgu. Thanks for giving perangsang yang gooood .  Im not wrote this just from my life, it goes same with others ; bad result, dismiss, money go away, stress. Damn it, simpang malaikat 44.

I dunno how come someone will say, 'It a life, dear', the reality NOT ! Nowadays life is like hell, baby.. No more sweetest and no more easiest thing u will get just by click your finger.

The hardest parts is u will disappointing your parent, by giving bad result, by giving the termination letter, by giving problems. Its hard to not giving problem to our parent. I dunno why problem keep stick with us all the time, like no one business. Sighh.

I dunno why im write this tonight, it just i feel so alone kot.

notatumit ; mak, doakan ain. .

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