Friday, August 10, 2012

Burka, Niqab ?


Hi readers,

I just want to share something that touched my heart lately. Before that, this post going to end quickly instead I'm going to write shortly. It's all about Niqab or else tudung in Malay.

I have known someone that uncovering her hair even she's Muslim. I'm not telling that what she is doing by not covering her hair was right but we can't judge a book by it's cover right? Me myself were only fully covered my hair in this 5months. Alhamdulillah syukur, moga moga ini menjadi kekal. Amin..

Back to 'her' story, she kinda fashionable, friendly but if I clearly see her, I will know that she are not that social from her look. She just approve me at FB, and I'm viewing her picture, she came back from Umrah 5 month ago. Ya Allah, tenang sangat muka dia. Nur dari Allah.

I do judge her in negative way, biasalah orang KL, dulu belajar overseas and dress up tiptop, takkanlah tak pergi club/pub kan. Until last week kot, I can't remember, I bumped into she at Masjid Muadzam Shah. We're doing terawih that night, on that night, I dunno how this feeling were going get into tears. My first expectation will totally wrong.

Peeps, please please please don't judge Muslim who not covering her hair are bad. Do pray for them, and myself !

notatumit : Alhamdulillah

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