Sunday, July 7, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hi peeps,


I do be friend will all kind of people. Sometimes I fall in love but not with someone who I be friend with. Rarely I'll will in love with my friends, macam pelik pulak. Kawan kawan then jatuh cinta. Tapi ada je kan, kalau dah jodoh tak kemana. But still selagi boleh elak, I will not fall in love with someone who I know well. Friends just like cloth that you like, you will wear it all the time but you will not bring it to bed. Paham tak? It's okay, biar aku faham sendiri.

I was seen as tough, strong, brave but actually I was someone who easy fall in love. But unfortunately, I'm also someone who can easy break the feelings. Mudah jatuh cinta dan mudah untuk melupakan. That's why I'm seen as strong without crying-drama-thingy.

The latest, I've be friend with some-three-one (read : seorang dua), 1st guy is someone boyfie, 2nd guy is single but I can't live with him in future and 3rd guy was someone I know back days. All this three guys be friend with me as who I am, back days, now days, and in the future (maybe). Aku bukan tamak, but ada pepatah kan, berkawan biar seribu. After the 4years relationship doesn't make out, I just can't in love in this time being.

This 1st guy is the most closest guy with me. We doing all the craziest thing together, we try all the good food together, we go thru hard time together, unfortunately, for me and for him, he has girlfriend. I will not let him let go that girl because of me, because I know someday, he will do that to me. So, we just declare our relationship as 'friends'.

I miss the Ipoh trip, I miss the Penang trip, I miss the Genting trip at 3am and will miss the Cameron trip at 12pm. This is all the craziest thing we have go thru. Driving to somewhere place like no one business, like-we-dont-have-to-work-tomorrow. I just missed it.

Mingle with all your family members, without plan, is awesome. Be the one who can lend the arms when you crying of your father's death. I dunno either me or your girlfriend be the one who selfish. I just dunno.

notatumit : Now you guys can see how biases I am with these three guys. Sayang tak semestinya bersatu, kan?

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