Sunday, January 18, 2009

hidup ni memag palat, tapi esok masih ada..

these life mmg palat rite?wheter we relize o not.. im being palat this week.. i hv 2 done all the assg from en nik.. actually not my assg but them (myclassmate) eyes becme stinging pain.. bcoz i been 7 hours look at these screen.damn. before holiday nextweek i hve pass these assg to en nik.. hey fwen!! r u think i am ur slave??ur balaci?? i've been tired bcome the one who been oppressed!!!!!!!!!!

actually today is miss faizriena bezday..

hapi bezday girl.. wish u hapi at there.. love u+mishh u :( this morning she called me.. she got free calls.. hmm girl, i missed u.

mr.hub still feverish.. tke care of ur self k mr.. hmm.. im bored now!!!!!!!!!

nota tumit : my english damn teribble.. [dlm usaha mbaikpulih my english.huhu]

1 comment:

Syazsy said...

wow! cantiknya cakeee!
sedap tak?


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