Monday, January 19, 2009


first of all, congrates to M.U.H meet uncle hussien..
juara lagu 2009..

and hapy bezday to mr rais.. wish u a luck.. bout u n miss zae, congrates k.. tomorrow i'll go to damn claz n will face one another with damn 'fwens'.. should i called them as a fwens?? spoil my mood..

the assgmnt are done in 75%.. i hope the 'malas' mood are not coming.. a moment ago, around 9pm i check my eyes at optical co. and lense centre.. dazzle of my eyes are increasingly..damn. and i try the contact lense..haha.first time.ngee.. soo pedih.. its specs are in good condition..


i buy the 'manga' graphic novels... japanese magz.. [gempak starz] Mini Love by Panu Nateenan..

pick from the book..said..

....'if u love someone u said it,
....u said it right then, out loud,
....or the moment just passes u by'.. it? jiwang these girl..haha
i feel so sleepy.nite evyone..


vidadarisakura said...

aiLaikke MUH!!!

ab geldofg said...

aik?...dah jumpa pkcit hussien masih malas?

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