Sunday, March 8, 2009

sad sunday....


sunday.. sunyi.. same as eveyday this is my bored day..doin revision PP+HISTORY..anyway this tuesday de test..jammed la otak ni..

last test : last year..

hate test.hate exam.hate result.wth! hurm..prepared my self 4 being crazy in few hours from now.. text wit lela..bout! btambah tension la cik kak oi.. hurm..this friday muet test.mybe writing.. damn.hate this.. and i start writing in english..even broken.

usaha tangga kjayaan rite? ingt nk nek lift je tp gayat la. hurm td mkn+mkn+mkn dgn mum.. dye boring coz i asyik memerap je dlm blik.. of coz la mum.nextweek test.. if duk luar mmg ngadap tb je r.. xde mkne nk bukak bku blik.. this week mybe duk blik je..

lastnite mama c kepoh call.. swuh cari kn cd lgu2 pgantin.. hurm last minute works mmg cm2.. time ssh la cri i..hurmm.redha je r. c kepoh feverish.. xtaw r ngade2 or btol2.. ntah2 dmam p skewl.

lalala..take care ya!

anyway i mish my ex5p2..mish them really really much.. their laugh.their fight.their smile..mish them..dunno where r them..still looking..

hurm. :(guys where r u been?i mish u ols..


mish uols..really..mish them.x tipu.

nota tumit : erm.

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