Saturday, April 28, 2012

Annoying + Desperado = Pathetic

Funny bila tengok someone yang kita kenal jadi macam tu but sometimes kesian kan ? Terperangkap dalam imiginasi sendiri, dunia ciptaan sendiri. Nak tegur pon takboleh. Babe, it's over lah, back to the real world. You should try to terima hakikat. Bukan aku tak simpati, yes I do, but macamane nak tolong? You should help your own self my dear. Sudah2la tuu.

I felt sorry for them. They are pathetic enough. Your ego overwhelmed and shadowing your view and you have wrong with your own thought. Pity you, you cant realize it.

Dear, we deserved to lives like we want to.

notatumit : Wake up dear !


eva said...

oke oke im wakeup now hehehe..

Ain Kahar said...

Not you my dear :)

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