Thursday, April 26, 2012



As usually, the ending is not so satisfied by certain parties involved. When comes to the end of semester, it will gonna have lil misunderstanding, hurts, broken hurt (got?), etc. It's normal my dear. For freshie or new student, you better prepared well yourself. There are gonna be many 'bad bitter' thingy in student life. Bukan macam kat sekolah dulu2 ye. Akak (wahhh) doakan korang semua berjaya hendaknya. Amin.

1 je 'akak' nak nasihat, please DON'T MAKE YOURSELF SOUND STUPID ! You are growth enough babe, bukan budakbudak. Whenever you are puts your leg in Uni life, you should prepared inside and outside well my dear. Funnylah bila you all buat perkara yang tak matang. Memalukan diri sendiri.

Just follow what objective that you set. Plan well !

notatumit : Prepare for final exam. Dapdipdupp


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