Friday, April 18, 2014



Last post otw ke muadzam. Today, otw to Kluang.  Yeayyy si tanggang pulang ke pangkuan makpak. I was on leave from yesterday. Working life is so damn hard. Plus lately, macam2 jadi. So I need mom's hugs to re - energize my life.

Pagi2 dah stress, when you get into working life, humanity is not works anymore. They can call whenever they want. At night, subuh, weekend.  They will never being think about you personal life.

Dah name nya aku on leave, stop call me bagai nak gila semata mata nak tanya company reg form. I know you can easily found it when you starts searching. Sabor je lah!

End of that story. Tengah tunggu bus kat TBS, one of this Mak cik tegur. She's stranger but we have citchat like been knows each other for years. She really made my day. Being talk about family, her cucu's and suddenly. ..

"Awak dah kawen? Makcik ada anak lelaki. Duda. Nak kenal2 tak?"

Alahai. Tersipu sipu saye. Hahhaha. She really made my day. Lupa jap problema kat opis tu.

Ok lah got to go. Beradu sat. Sampai umah nak makan masakan mak. I hope got sambal sardin. Yummeyh.

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