Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Decide. Decision. Deal.

Suppose to leaving.

Meet him in his car, the same car, same person, same parking lot. I couldn't say 'we're done ', after his words - "You have promised that we're going to stay in 2 years".

Cry. Yes me.

Everyone thinks that they are strong, but when you couldn't do anything, strong is just a words. Hugs and say "Everything gonna be okay, baby". I don't need the words, I need that hugs. Keep it warm, as my heart every time I'm with you. 

"Can we just think about us, without include others?"
"It's not threat but to say I'm serious with this relationship".
"I don't want you to leave".

I wish I can, I wish I'm selfish enough.

I'd never been wordless like tonight, he's the one who talk, touch, clean my tears. My first tears in front of him, "You will never cry for someone you not love, baby. I know you love me and you know I do the same".

Shit. I'm producing those tears again. 

Yes I do, but soon nor later, we should end this ---> this line suppose out from my mouth around 20 min ago. Tonight so damn cold, enough to make me think that I'm alone in this hectic city. KL never been this cold.

Helpless, hopeless.

END? Not yet. In my dream, maybe tonight, as those tears still going.

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