Sunday, May 18, 2014

Update 2014r0518


After 1 year plus I'm officially jobless. Leaving the job was the hardest decision I ever made hence I never regret about the decision. 1 year plus is enough to make you love your company, your colleagues and within the time, its also enough to make decision whether to leave or to stay.

Insyallah, rezeki ada di mana mana.

Got 1 interview session this Wednesday at Cheras. Not hoping but if I get the job, it will be better. Since another 1 month plus going to Hari Raya plus my parent will go to Hajj, so I need job (read : money).

Atleast for my self to survive.


Be at home since last Thursday, counted : 4th day, already gaduh with my mom. Sharing same birthday date, zodiac is not good thing. Both of us so panas if stay to long together.

Since memang dah lama tak gaduh, so small things pun boleh jadi issue. And like always, no one will pujuk each other, pujuk diri sendiri lah. Its not something that I can proud of, but sometimes this situation can tahan until a month.


Oklah, later girls. Wish me luck for any job interview come forward.

Take care!

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