Wednesday, April 8, 2015



2015 is my 25th years living in this world, this extraordinary creation of God. Age changed me alot. From a rebel kiddo to a matured lady, from zero to something. My family is one of the reasons for me to change, to be a better person. As some people know, I'm not a family person when I was a teenager. I rather choose outsider (which is friends) than my own blood. At that time, friends is everything, they always for you up and down, understand you until makes you think that you don't need your family.

But everything changed. When friends leaving, family still there. When I'm fall, my family will help me out. Whatever bad thing I did, curse I make, they stand still. People come and go but your family will never be that 'people'.

Almost 5 years I'm away, not living with them, makes me appreciate them more, makes me realize that I need them more than everything. And the more important part is I'm more protector than before. I  hate when people treat them badly. Bak kata orang Melayu "cubit peha kiri, peha kanan terasa sakitnya".

Unfortunately, my family such an angel. Helping or treating people so fucking nicely even that people will never give back what you give them. Those people are so selfish, they only appear when they need something but my family, like always, be there for them every times. Imma a hatred thou, once you make me or you treated my fam badly, you will never be in my list. So just take it when I treat you bad, its karma.

" When you realize that you're constantly treating a person alot better than they treat you, its time to make a change. "

I can be an angel if you be nice to me but watch out, am surely have my evil part too. U messed up with my family, u mess with me too!

Hasta manyana !

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