Saturday, February 6, 2016

Heavy topics ever !


I know its February but still HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

Updates updates updatea! Being busy queen bee all the way from Nov to Jan, yelah dah back to working life katenyer haruslah busy. Stress tetap ada but in different perspective I guess. Still here in Kluang, home sweet mommy home. Haha. Lower cost but heavy commitment. Like hello I'm 26yo, for sure all the burden were more heavier.

Okay back to my topic for today, MARRIAGE.

Yeah, Ain still single, not married, no rings on her hand but I got brain tho. I take all the good thing and leave all bad things behind lah. Yup I'm not in your shoes but its your own choice not mine. Okay tu baru intro. Back in last 3 month, I being friend with a 39yo woman whos getting married (back on Nov) to foreigner guy. I helped here with all documentation for his bf, which is now her husband. Everythinnggg, visa, married form etc.

She's seems so blurred about everything, every aspects. So my-so-called kind hearted tolong la dia. At least I got the idea about getting married even not with other foreigners. Nope, I'm not racist but still semua kerja documentation sangat sangat menyusahkan. Plus she tells me that she lost around 10K MYR for all this, flight tickets, petrol gas, go here and there untuk settle kan documentation so that her husband can come to Malaysia and they can be married.

Yeah her 10K, not his. Are you guys get what I'm trying hardly to explained here? This marriage is not only one side effort, its partnership tho. You broke in your country and now you want to be married with a woman who pays for everything. Damn. Did I mention earlier about this woman age? Her husband is only 25yo this year, budak budak lagi woii.

Hence, ape ape pun, its her decision. I got no right at all in this. Unfortunately, last two days, she came back and ask me a favor to write another letter for her beloved hubby so that he can get multiple entry here in Malaysia. Nope I'm not complaining but still benda mudah but that fuller (guy) menyusahkan semua pihak.

Plus sempat lagi akak tu cite about she transferred some amount money to her hubby. Mampusss. Dalam hati jer mampu ku menjerit. Ya Allah, lepas kawen pun still tanggung lagi. Wah wah wah besar kepale lah kau!! Sakitnye hati aku.

Like I said earlier, marriage is all about commitments. Everything, money, time, energy. But bila kau menyusahkan your partner, I guessed you're not suppose to get married yet. When we talk about build a life together, it mean two sided. Prepared yourself, asked yourself if you suppose to get married, do you affordable to support your wife/husband, or even do you affordable to support your own maintenance in term of whatever you need instead you asked money?

Right, jangan berkira but when its cost up until 10K not berkira is called bodoh. You're not prepared at all.

After all, I wish her happy thru all this problematic phase. Plus good luck for my future married life tho. Hope I'm prepared enough.

Don't get married if you're unable to take care of your own self - Ain, 2016.

Hasta manyana!

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