Monday, February 15, 2016

So setupid aiyoo


This post could be a funny story nor angrily-annoyingly. I dunno if I'm the one who react over emotional or I'm supposed to. Confuse kan? Same goes to me tho. Pity meeee.

I just dont get it, how could you changed your privacy post every time you want to post something to your timeline. Like ' eh harini aku nak post something tapi kena hide from si polan' but the next post kau decide nak show off your post to every single person, I mean public. Soooo 2011, when facebook started to launching visible/invisible post on timeline.

Nope, aku tak hamak langsung whatever you posted on your timeline tapi I feel awkward when you yourself ask me to view your post which you yourself hides from me.


Why I need to deal with somebody who act like the stupidest in the world? Why this kind of attitude can take over my whole day of good mood, which I need it until midnight but this guy spoiled it. Sigh.


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