Sunday, December 4, 2011


Innalillahi wainna illa hirajiunn..

The only words I've said when you call me last nite, im crying baby, i know ur sad, ur 7hours journey killin me too. I cant sleep, waiting for you, reach there. 2nd time you call me, you are crying too. I cant hear ur voice, i just hear ur deep inside sobbing. I wish im with you, giving the strength for you.

'Tuhan lebih sayangkan dia'..

That the most strength-est word that i just can give you, deep in my heart i just wish you tabah. When you reach Penang, you call & crying there, alone. Its kill me. Another 5hours to go. Then you reach Sg Besi and you ask me to sleep. I cant sleep dear. I cant.

You reach there. Kuat sayang. Please.

notatumit : Im still crying, 'Ya Allah berikanlah dia kekuatan'. Al-fatihah..

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