Sunday, December 18, 2011


Same goes to my heart.

Lately our place ( Muadzam ) asyik hujan je. Its so cold here. Biasa la pantai timur kan. Sekarang kan musim tengkujuh. Lately ni pon my heart tak tenang, macam macam pikir. Assignment, study, exam, rumah.. Lots of thing yang bikin hati ini raining..

  • I'm going to leave this house, leaving my roommate.. Its not because we have problem but the situation. Maybe we are not meant to be. I dunno.. I already miss her now T_T
  • Another 10 days before the final exam will start and im haven't start revision, open the book. Wtf
  • Assignment submit date is around the corner but i not doing anything now.
  • Unilife fucked me, damn !
  • I hate my self now

notatumit : sakit

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