Friday, March 20, 2015



Circle? Bulat? Ade ape dengan sang cicle.

Actually aku baru post something kat facebook. A photo with a quote. Me and quotes were inseparable. Aku suka quotes and sometimes aku boleh create my own quotes. Ok melalut lagi. Aku post gambar me & Uniten's friends while we celebrating new year for 2011. Our precious new year eve at Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan. With quote :

" Things change and friends leave. But life doesn't stop for anybody." - Stephen Chbosky

Yeah, people come people go. Kitaran yang kita akan lalui dari kecik sampai kita mati. I do have friends when am in kindergarden but as soon start masuk real school, I dont even remember them. Same lah seterusnya, dari primary school,i membawak ke uni life sampailah office mate. They're my friends but they aren't real friend.

My truly friends are the one who stay even we're not talk everyday, we're not met every month. And they still there when we need.

Kalau nak kira kawan, tak cukup jari nak kira. I used to have ramai sangat close friend but in the end someone who I think he/she will be there are neven been there pon. Like bertepuk sebelah tangan. I dont blame them, its me. Aku cepat sangat close dengan orang, that's why. Aku cepat sangat entitled them as my friends.

But now, am minimize my circle. Only the limited edition will be in. I dont want to history repeat itself. With couple of times being betrayed, I cant take it no more. I feel wasted, wasted for being a good friend to they, wasted because I used choose them over my family. Tu lah, orang dah cakap, family 1st. Degil sangat kan dah kena.

I never regret anything. Semua yang jadi mematangkan aku. So that I can make clear decision, so I can choose wisely. So people tak boleh pijak aku lagi. No, am not going to curse or blame you. Doakan kau untuk bahagia lebih membahagiakan aku. Kita sama sama bahagia, cuma tak bersama. Memasing ade hidup memasing.

Shit happens, life must go on.

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