Friday, March 13, 2015

Facts or Fictions?

1. This is seriously going to get personal, you ready?
- How personal you can go?

2. The last time you felt honestly broken?
- Around May 2014

3. Are you craving something?
- Hotel's breakfast buffet

4. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
- Lots of money

5. Would you rather have ten kids, or none?
- 10. But its too much

6. What do you hear right now?
- Mix Fm

7. Is your bed against more than one of your walls?
- No

8. What’s on your mind right now?
- Lots of thing I need for live

9. Are you there for your friends?
- Will try my best

10. Last person to see you cry?
- My family. When we send my parents for Hajj

11. What do you do when you get nervous?
- Sweating

12. Be honest, do you like people in general?
- Not really

13. How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
- 29 maybe. I don't even have a bf right now

14. Does anyone completely understand you?
- Not really. I'm alone by my self

15. Do you have a reason to smile right now?
- Nope

16. Has anyone told you they don’t ever wanna lose you?
- Yes.

17. Would you be happier if life had a rewind button?
- YES!

18. Do you tell your mum or dad everything?
- No. Refer no.14

19. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?
- No. I'm ex smoker, why would I mind?

20. Are you going to get hurt anytime soon by someone?
- No

21. This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
- Yeah the one and only

22. Do you think more about the past, present, or future?
- Past. I cant live without my past

23. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
- 6hrs ++

24. Are you easy to get along with?
- Yeah but I'm terrible to starts a conversation

25. Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with?
- I dont remember who the last girl. HAAHA

26. What was the last drink that you put in your mouth?
- Plain water. I'm not a fans of sweet drinks

27. What size bed do you have?
- Queen

28. Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in?
- When I get in. Under it

29. Do you like the rain?
- Sangat sangat

30. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
- Yes. Because I havent reply his msg yet (:

31. Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do?
- Yes. Banyakk

32. Would people refer to you as a goodie goodie, bad news, or neither?
- Bad news. HAHA

33. Who were you last in the car with, besides family?
- Shahdan, we're went to Faizninaa wed's

34. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters and with who?
- Suamiku Perfect 100%, with my sister and I regret. Wasted RM10 for that kind of movie. Not my thang!

35. Have you ever kissed someone who had a boyfriend/ girlfriend?
- HAAHA (yes?)

36. Have you ever been hurt by someone you never thought would hurt you?
- Yes. Backstabber

37. Your parents are out of town. Would you throw a massive party?
- No. Aku bukan kaki partyy, lemass

38. Do you regret a past relationship?
- No. I'd appreciate all my past 

39. Would you rather spend a Friday night at a concert or a crazy party?
- Concert. I can be crazy at concert

40. Do you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over?

41. Have you made a joke about somebody that made them cry?
- Maybe yes. Couldn't remember. Maybe they crying at my back

42. Do you care too much about your appearance?
- Sometimes. Tengok tempat and situasi

43. Are you a jealous person?
- Yes, am born with it

44. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
- Yes. Undies

45. Do you miss anyone?
- Yes so fucking much

46. Last person who made you cry?
- My mom

47. Does your ex piss you off?
- Always. Even sebelum jadi ex. Can?

48. What are you doing tomorrow?
- Sabtu, tidooo

49. Are you the type of person who has a new boyfriend/ girlfriend every week?
- No

50. Is there anyone you want to come see you?
- Yes

51. Have you ever been cheated on?
- Yes

52. Ever given your all to someone who walked away?
- Yes but both of we decide to end it

53. Do you like cotton candy?
- I hate sweet things

54. Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with?
- My mom

55. Are you planning to get knocked up or knock someone up by age 17?
- Knocked up what? Apetuu

56. Do you have siblings?
- I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

57. Have you ever fallen asleep on someone?
- Yes

58. How has the past week been for you?
- Same like every week. Nothing awesome

59. Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
- Yes. Shahdan. All the time, up and down

60. What’s on your mind right now?
- Ape movie nak tengok lepas ni

61. What were you doing at midnight last night?
- Chatting until like 3am

62. What is your current mood?
- Bored and stress and hungry

63. Who was the first person you talked to today?
- My mom

64. Will this week be a good one?
Its friday, almost end of week

65. Anything happen to you within the past month that made you really happy?
- No

66. Who were you with last night?
- Fam

67. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
- No. Eh maybe, chatting kan

68. Next time you will kiss someone?
- Dunno. No plans

69. Who should start the kiss, the girl or the boy?
- Boy

70. Do you have any plans for the weekend?
- Tolong mak masak, ada kenduri arwah on tomorrow night

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