Sunday, March 15, 2015



When I decide to move out from Kl, I left everything behind. Love, life, job & friends. I never regret whatever happens. Semuanya ade hikmah, cepat atau lambat, sedar or tak sedar je. Ye aku bersyukur. I will more in the future, Insyallah.

Tak sangka dah almost 1 year. Rase macam baru semalam je. Bangun pepagi 740am, mandi pakai baju tunggu 820am, turun tunggu rapid, beli breakfast, bukak office, ngadap kerja nonstop sampai 620pm. Balik kerja around 630pm, tunggu rapid, lalu jejantas, tapau dinner, sampai rumah mandi, tidur. The same routine for 1 year plus.

Within that time, I met J. Since we live in the same area, different condo, I met him almost every night. After work, he will drop by to see me, to send me food. Either we went out or just lepak in  condo compound. Talk about everything, fights every second. Sometimes bila Qis came for a visit, we lepak together.

Finally I left.

But we never stop keep in touch, still updating whatever happen in our new life without met. Until on the night of my birthday, he wanted to do video call. On the 1st 30 second, both of us just smiling at each other, checking each other face, stare eyes. And we talked, like we used to.

The moment after I ended the call, I cried. Teresak esak. Sampai tersedu. I just dont know why. And terus text Qis, tell her what happen and when she ask 'kenapa kau nangis?', I replied, 'aku rindu,. Then tidur esok bangun mate bengkak sikit.

And last night, he texts me. I told him that am not feeling well, and he wanted to visit me. And we talk talk talk until I ask him, 'what u want from me, J?', he replied,

'I want u back to me'.

Aku? Sambung nangis lah.

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