Friday, March 4, 2011


ini adalah post emosi, sila tinggalkan page ini jika anda bukan seorang pendengar setia :)

ok fine, mukadimmah MUST cakap dah lama tak update mr.bloggy . . haha wasting time la, for sure akan TAK rajin update, nama pon student kan? hows student life going be kan ?

ini bukan status ok :)

case 1 :
this week semua classmate adalah dalam keadaan tekanan, aSSigment adalah menimbun-nimban. the story is, when we are in this situation, we gonna realize single is the best or being in groupy? for me, being in group a.k.a blend with other people is the best ! but if no cooperation between each other, then we are dead meat ok !

HEELo? are u realize that we are in a GROUP?? so why u senanglenang tersengihbagaikerangbasi di sudut itu? are u think that my parent sent me to treat u princess??

please la ok? u should think what others will think bout u, do not be too selfish my dear . .

case 2 :
when u are decide to join this status named FRIENDSHIP u are suppose to realize that u are not ALONE. but when u take the decision to be alone, so please get loose from this status! my dear, cuba la jadi someone yang tak menyusahkan your patnership PLEASE. where are your smart brain when u act like u are single person in this life?

konon ignore what people think.. HELLo, are u live inside the grave?? so no one can disturb u and your decision? bullshit my dear ! if u nak sangat hidup sorang diri, then get loose from this bloody-fool hostel! go! duduk luar, so that, takde orang kesah pasal u !

sekian melaporkan!

conclusion :
please la be responsible for yourself plus other people. are sure that u can live without people?

notatumit : aku letih dengan perangai kau !

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