Thursday, January 12, 2012




Everyone talk about New Year's wish, dream etc. So do I, the new book, InsyAllah, the new person, behavior, all lah. For now, I just realize that I'm not 21 anymore, I'm 22th bebeh. I'm growing up. I dunno if I'm ready for being matured or whatnot. But this is called life. Sometimes we believe that we are growing up but the reality is we're not. We still can't do some work alone, without parent, family, friends etc.

Today is different from yesterday or any day. Because everyday make at least 0.001% changes in our life. What I realize today is, I'm growing up. Never say 'No' to mum. Avoid fighting & rational thinking maybe. I just wish this will lasting longer enough to received another changes.

2011 and year before have bring a journey to what I am now. It also brings a memory and sweetness part to remember. Step by step, make me move forward to be a better person. It is strong enough? 

Taken : New Year 2011

notatumit : Prays for be a better person, InsyAllah.

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