Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Now I'm at home, spending bored time by eat, sleep, eat, sleep, facebooking. Gosh ! Damn bored. Fyi, my sis already start her job as teacher at SMK Taman Daya 2. So, IMMA ALONE BEBEH ! There's no more of 'jalan2'. Bored like hell. Plan to lepakin with someone at Melaka but money soooo kering ! Zzzz...

Exam ended by 9th Jan, parents came to Muadzam to pick me. Thanks mumydady !

Going to Batam for this CNY ! Yuhuu but taktau pon how's Batam look's like. Batam please be nice, I need some treatment not pain !

This saturday i will go to visit my sis, how she go around :)

Till then, take care !

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