Saturday, January 28, 2012


Pejam celik pejam celik
Dah 3 tahun
Pejam celik pejam celik
Dah berakhir pun

I already strong and now Im leaving. I want to apologize from the head to toe. Too many mistake, too many obstacle, too many blocker. From happily to sadness, from easiest to hardest, from south to the north. I keep searching for this spirit to come over me, to leave all the memory you have been created. For every single text, every second calls, I'll sent to dustbin because I can't continued my life if the memory still there. For you, anonymous, thanks for everything, every strenght you give, every hours you spend, every patient you shows, thanks again. 

I lie if I said I not loving you but for my self to survive I should keep tell my self that I'm not love you anymore. Let the memory leaving by its own, let the new hope came for new life. And now I can say that I'm matured enough, like you always dream of. Now, I can hold my self from being childish and I already can think rationally before act. I'm not feel sorry this relation going end up like this, but I'm happy when you have her to cheer up your life and be the beginning of your new life of 2012. 

Like I said before, I always wishing you good health and more happiness in life even though I know I'm not the one beside you. My pray will always for you.


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